Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino’s first pride

“Pulp fiction, the movie everyone must have seen. It’s a classic”, they said. They were right: Whether you love the Quentin Tarantino from 1994 or hate it, you cannot have not-seen this movie.

The movie tells three stories; one about a couple, Ringo and Yolanda, which wants to rob a diner, one about two henchmen, Vincent and Jules, who are working for the big mister Marsellus Wallace who also gave Vincent the job for looking after his wife and one about Buch, a boxer who is especially interested in the in the money. The movie isn’t in the correct chronological order, which makes you keep watching.

The actors are still acting in good movies. For example one of Bruce Willis latest movie is The Expendables 2 and it has a lot of viewers. Also Samuel L. Jackson’s latest movie The Avengers is well-seen. If the viewers like Willis or Jackson or another actor, they will search for other movies in which he’s in. They find Pulp fiction and here we are again: It’s 2012 and pulp fiction is still a well-seen movie. This also certifies that Quentin Tarantino made them big or that he was a very good talent scout. That makes the movie a classic. In my opinion is Pulp Fiction a classic, because the movie is still popular even after almost twenty years. Also presumably more than half of the global humanity has seen this movie. The other half is probably blind or too young. For almost every actor in this movie was Pulp Fiction their big breakthrough. Those arguments are all positive, so why would you hate this movie? If you take the reckless violence and all of the shotguns serious it is probably an exhausting and a very long movie to watch. Blood isn’t left out and the word f*ck is often said. The movie is an action movie, but with a lot of humoristic aspects. The humour isn’t profound. It is most of the time offbeat and superficial.

Pulp Fiction is a timeless movie. This movie is passed from generation to generation. And whether you love it or whether you hate it, just keep passing the movie through. It would be too bad if this classic movie vanishes out of our culture.


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