Pulp Fiction the movie

The first words that crossed my mind while watching the movie were “what the f***!” and “ bloody hell!” Literally, there is lots of swearing and blood flying in all directions. But apparently all of this doesn’t stop people from watching it. After more than forty nominations and still eagerly viewed by thousands up to this day, you can call it a real classic. But what makes this movie such a popular, classic film compared to recent ones?

Pulp Fiction tells a criminal story of different people. It is divided in four parts which aren’t in chronological order. The movie is made so that the first scene in the movie is also the last. That’s why one of the main characters (Vincent Vega) dies in the end of the story, but not in the end of the movie.

The movie absolutely follows in the footsteps of its first, Reservoir Dogs. Not only the lack of chronological order but also the violence but also how the tension builds up to the climax, are typical for the way Tarantino directs his movies.

That kind of directing appears to work. It makes you remember this movie even though you may have disliked it. And that’s what makes it a well made movie and a classic. If you like lots of blood, drugs and weapons this is a must see. If you have a weak stomach on the other hand, I don’t recommend this movie at all.  One thing is sure though, it’s a well put together story that isn’t predictable and keeps you on the end of your seat.

You’ll watch this f*cking movie or we’ll shoot your f*cking head off, motherf*cker!


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