Pulp Fiction


Vincent Vega: “And you know what they call a … a … a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Paris?”
Jules: “They don’t call it a Quarter Pounder with cheese?”
Vincent Vega: “No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn’t know what the fuck a Quarter Pounder is.”
Jules: “Then what do they call it?”
Vincent Vega: “They call it a “Royale” with cheese.”
Jules: “A “Royale” with cheese! What do they call a Big Mac?”
Vincent Vega: “A Big Mac’s a Big Mac, but they call it “le Big-Mac”.”
Jules: “”Le Big-Mac”! Ha ha ha ha! What do they call a Whopper?”
Vincent Vega: “I dunno, I didn’t go into Burger King.”

1994, Quintin Tarantino, nominated for seven Oscars, this film has won forty awards, we are talking about the true classic, Pulp Fiction.But what made this movie a classic: was it all the shooting, the comical quotes, all the fuck’s, the scenario or the incredible soundtracks? It sure was a violent movie, all the blood and the cruelty but I think that the jokes and the wacky events really compensated all the brutal crimes. And what about all that cursing, the word ‘fuck’ is used over 200 hundred times in this movie, but did this scolding have any influence on this film? I have no idea, maybe you can find it out for yourself and tell me later because, really, what the *. The way the story is told is like a piece of art, the present, the future, the past, the past after the past, the present before the present, all times are mixed together. It was sometimes hard to notice in witch time they were but when you knew witch it was I just kept thinking how original it is to play with the order of events like  this. And the soundtracks they were just…just… well in my opinion they were just very good chosen. It was a mix of rock and roll, pop and soul. From jungle boogie from Kool & the Gang to son of a preacherman by Dusty Springfield.

At first I had no idea what to think about this movie, I had no opinion. But when I started to think more about this film I began to see the special things that Tarantino had used like the changes of time, the nice soundtracks, the brilliant dialogues, the way there are references made to other movies. So I think that this movie is so much more than just brutal killings, the people who made this film have really thought about it. And if you go more deeply in this movie you realize that there is a whole background behind this film. My opinion has changed during the writing of this review because I now know more about this film than just the story. I now see this movie as a masterwork, a piece of art, so I came to the conclusion that this film, Pulp Fiction, is a real classic.


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