‘The silence of the lambs’ by Thomas Harris

 Silence of the lambs

Do you think if you caught Buffalo Bill yourself and if you made Catherine all right, you could make the lambs stop screaming, do you think they’d be all right too and you wouldn’t wake up again in the dark and hear the lambs screaming? Clarice?”

 You read a letter. The letters form a word,  the words turn into sentences and as you keep reading you feel that the book is getting a hold of you. It creeps inside you, reaching till your bones, not even leaving you the possibility to stop reading. With just a few words you are drawn into this world, created by author Thomas Harris, and it won’t let go of you.                            

In “The silence of the lambs” you are being dragged along with Clarice Starling, an FBI-trainee. She investigates a series of murders by serial-killer “Buffalo Bill”, who kills young women and takes parts of their skin,  and now another young woman has turned out missing: Catherine Martin. Only one man seems to be able to help them get to Buffalo Bill: dr. Hannibal ‘the cannibal’ Lecter, an incredibly intelligent psychiatrist and highly dangerous serial-killer. There is just one problem: he doesn’t want to tell anyone a single thing about the murders. Until Clarice shows up: she and dr. Lecter have some sort of bond from the moment they meet. And he starts talking, just to her, giving her tiny, subtle hints about Buffalo Bill.

 “What does he do, Clarice? What is the first and principal thing he does, what need does he serve by killing? He covets. How do we begin to covet? We begin by coveting what we see every day.”

 This book, “The silence of the lambs”, the third book of thriller writer Thomas Harris, is a thriller of horrifying quality. It is not like any other book. It does not simply ‘tell’ a story, but it somehow all takes place right in front of your eyes, as if you are part of it. Of course, it has a really good story line, but the success of this book lies way beyond that. The words are so carefully chosen, and follow each other up so well, that it resembles some sort of magical enchantment, hypnotizing you, making you experience  every single one of them.

 The reason why the book is so captivating, is because of the descriptions. Every room they enter, every person they meet, is being described. You can almost smell the room. The descriptions of the main characters are also very detailed. This way, you really get to know them, so with every move Clarice makes, everywhere she goes, you are 100% with her, making it many times more scary. Especially the cold-blooded serial-killer dr. Lecter is being depicted amazingly. How terrifying he may be, he earns your respect, just for being the exceptionally intriguing person that he is.

 This book is so good that, while reading, I had to watch my breath so I wouldn’t stop breathing. Sometimes during the book it gets so thrilling, you feel like you are being torn apart, feeling things you never even knew you could feel.

When you finish the book, it leaves you staring at the blank pages, somehow stuck between Thomas Harris’  world and our own, with a horrified, almost dead-like expression. It leaves you incapable of moving, thinking or even  being aware of your existence for a moment. This book not just thrills you. It almost kills you.


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