What to think of Pulp Fiction?

Pulp Fiction. I never knew the story, but I always associated it with two guys in suits, saying ‘fuck’ a lot. Well, didn’t get that wrong. But this movie has a much bigger content.

While I was watching this film from behind my shawl, I noticed a couple of things that repelled and attracted me at the same time. The biggest example of these things is the violence. Violence is one of the main themes of Pulp Fiction. Only by hearing that the main characters are two assassins, a major businessman, a boxer and two robbers you can conclude that. Well, I’m not that into horror and action movies, and I absolutely hate blood, but in this context, I felt like violence was almost necessary. The random shooting and killing added something to the story, and made this film fascinating and different. For example Jules’ storyline, that of a contract killer seeing God, and wanting to change his life, is strengthened by the contradiction of all the murder.

The movie’s good message also attracted me. It told you, that if you choose the right path, you will always be forgiven. Butch does this by saving Wallace from the freaky rapists, and Jules by saying goodbye to violence and killing. Vincent Vega laughs at him for doing this, and chooses the path of a killer, obviously the wrong decision, because later on Butch the boxer kills him.

It is hard to find out about all the layers of Tarantino’s masterpiece. There are still a lot of mysteries around his work. He still doesn’t want to tell anyone about the content of the small case with the code ‘666’, and what happens to Butch and his golden watch? But maybe that is what makes this horribly thrilling movie a classic. The mystery and the weird aftertaste of disgust and curiosity.

by Luna Schumacher (V5B)


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