Pulp fiction

Humor, love, gangsters, great actors(including: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis), bad language and violence, thats everything what a great movie should have. Well, Pulp fiction has it all! The movie was made in 1994 by Quentin Tarantino, also the director of many other famous movies like: Reservoir dogs, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Death proof and Inglourious bastards. Pulp fiction was nominated for seven Oscars and won many other prizes.

The movie contains four parts, which aren’t in chronological order. The Stories by them selves aren’t hard to follow. In which order they put the parts, on the other hand, is really hard to follow, but during the movie, the parts come together and when you see the end of the movie, you finally understand the order of the parts.

The thing what attracted my attention the most in this movie was the music. I heard many great and famous hits like: Jungle Boogie, Strawberry letter #23, since I first met you, let’s stay together, the son of the preacher man, girl, you’ll be a woman soon and many other famous tracks. Besides the great actors, the humour and the violent scenes, is the music one of the reasons why they call it a classic movie.

I think Pulp fiction is a great movie, with great actors and a great sense of humor.


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