Pulp Fiction

A seven Oscars nominated movie what was released in 1994 and registered by Quentin Tarantino, became a classic; I’m talking about Pulp Fiction!

You need humor, drugs, violence, gangsters, bad language and great actors like John Travolta to make a classic. Well, Pulp fiction has it all!

And the fact that Quentin Tarantino made other great and famous movies helps al lot for de movie becoming a classic.

What also made this movie so special are the little details Tarantino putted in Pulp fiction. Like the names he chose to show at the beginning of the movie instead of the end,  what is smarter because this way, everybody reads it!

What I first thought was a bit weird was the chronological order that wasn’t right. The movie contains four parts that are not placed in the right order, but the movie is so easy to follow that you understand the movie immediately. And it also gives a special twist to the movie.

Because the movie has some violence en bloody scenes, the humoristic parts compensates that very good.

What was very random but also funny was the part Mia told Vincent her joke she had to say in her 15 minutes of fame in a pilot of a series.

Joke: Three tomatos are walking down the street: Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Baby Tomato.
Baby Tomato start lagging behind and Papa Tomato gets very angry. He goes back, sqeezes him and says: “Ketchup” (Catch Up!)


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