Pulp Fiction

I’m sure you have heard about the movie Pulp Fiction. It came out in 1994, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

If someone would ask me what the movie is about, I would not have a clue.. I would say it is violent and contains a lot of cursing.

This movie doens’t follow the usual time order. It is divided in 4 different stories. You can not link the stories untill the end of the movie. This makes it difficult to follow and completely understand the meaning.

I’ve read different reviews and I actually don’t understand why everybody is so excited about Pulp Fiction. I understand that it is concidered as a cult movie for its period. In my point of view it was confusing. I’m not saying that I didn’t like it at all, but it is not one of the best movies ever made. But what makes a movie a good one? The actors, the fact that it is innovative, that it is unpredictable. A tipical signature of Quentin Tarantino is his well researched and affective soundtrack. The thing I like about Pulp Fiction are the actors, they are all worldclass actors. The innovating thing about Pulp Fiction is it forces us to think about the order of things as the timeline is not as expected. This makes us think about the relation between the different stories.

The movie overall is good, without a doubt. But it is not a movie i would recomand to my (girl) friends.


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