Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction, made by Quentin Tarantino, a classic movie from 1994 wich is nominated for 7 Oscars! A movie about the life of two gangsters, living there daily life trying to make money by doing jobs for there boss and going trough a lot of trouble.

This movie contains a lot of violence, action, funny moments and last but not least a lot of dirty talk. This movie is not the only very good and popular movie Quentin Tarantino made in is his life, he has made several very good and interesting movies. They call this movie a classic one of Quentin Tarantino, because he has made a lot more very popular movies in which he uses very many small signs  and  tricks which he also uses in Pulp Fiction. The most wonderfull and special thing about this movie is the way Quentin Tarantino shows you violence, it’s not like as in most movies, big fire, big explosion, impossible jumps and large cars with hot girls. No, Quentin Tarantino is able to turn a small thing into a very special and exciting moment in the movie by building it up so slowly and precisely that it’s better than a big car blowing up with a lot of fire and some bullets flying around. Quentin Tarantino can also turn it the other way around, like making from a big thing like killing somebody, a little thing like killing a fly, like it’s nothing. That’s so special about this movie, Quentin Tarantino decides what is going to be a big deal and what isn’t. He does that only by building it up, he doesn’t change what’s happening but he only gives it more or less attention. This movie is one of the best movies about gangsters, drugs, murder and money because the caracters are realistic and all have serious human caracters and opinions which they are giving all the time. What’s  also interesting in the movie is the concept of money. In most  movies when they want you to know that a caracter is rich it is shown in an exaggerated way. In this movie Quentin Tarantino lets you know that some of the caracters have a lot of money but he doens’t blow it up, so the money is not really a thing, but you know that they do have it. And of course the signs Quentin Tarantino uses in this movie, for exemple, the signs at the back of cars, the signs on the road and the use of colour  makes this movie very amusing to watch! If you like violence, drugs, discussion, good music, and you want to be challenged ny a movie when you are watching it, Pulp fiction is the best!


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