Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is an American crime movie, made by Quentin Tarantino in 1994. It has been nominated for seven Oscars and won a lot of other prices. The movie is one of the best classics and includes great actors, like John Travolta. But why is this movie a real classic?
There is a great difference of opinion when you look for the answer to that question. You call a movie a classic when it is so good that in a few years people still watch it. In that way, you can call Pulp Fiction a classic. But not everyone agrees with that after watching it. Personally I think you can and can’t call Pulp Fiction a classic. Though I didn’t hate the movie, I didn’t like it much either.

The movie includes a great sense of humor, which I liked. The great sense of humor together with the good amount of action and violence made the movie more fun. Also the actors play an important role in my opinion about a movie. Watching a movie becomes more fun when the actors are completely empathized. This movie includes great actors like John Travolta and Bruce Willis. They can empathize themselves completely. However, I found it strange the way the movie was put together. The parts weren’t in chronological order and I found that confusing. For my opinion it was more difficult to understand the story rather than it had a positive effect.

Al in al, in my opinion the movie contains both positive and negative aspects. That is why I find it hard to conclude whether the movie is a classic or not.


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