Pulp Fiction; a mass of cinematic perfection

A review by Marthe Wouters

Weird conversations, drugs crime and great cheeseburgers. Put those things in one script and there is just one word to say: Motherfucker.

Pulp Fiction, a classic everyone has to see (wether you think it’s a great movie or not); nominated for twelve well known awards and winner of six of those, Quentin did a great job. Showing in the title of the movie, Pulp Fiction is a movie about everything and nothing, full of abnormal conversation and situations, such as conversation about cheeseburgers, milkshakes and being hostage by ‘sexual torture’ addicts. This is a movie you will fully hate or love.   But Tarantino’s work has always been like this; special, extraordinary and beautiful, such as movies as Kill Bill (1 & 2), Inglorious Bastards and Resevoir Dogs.

A movie like Pulp Fiction full of stories is maybe difficult to understand, but those who complain about this, just don’t understand it; let it be clear that the complicity of this movie is maybe confusing, but will make you think and makes the movie way more interesting, just like the briefcase Jules Winnfield (played by Samuel L. Jackson) has with him the whole movie; you don’t know what’s in it, but it’s important to Jules and that makes the audience curious.

In every part (in total three parts) of the film, there are told separated stories of different people. This way of making a movie maybe sounds boring or predictive, but don’t think to fast. In those stories, every person is seen from a different points of view. For example Marcellus; the most powerful person in Pulp Fiction, portrayed as a big guy in the first part, but being raped and violated in the second part.

Even though you’re not a great fan of burgers, fighting, sex, guns of cursing, this movie is a must-see. And one thing; don’t be bothered by the little arguments you just read, but there is just to much to tell you. Just like Uma Thurman says in Pulp Fiction; Don’t be a square.


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