‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ by Ken Kesey

File:OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNest.jpgMcMurphy gets again in trouble with the law for the umpteenth time, he pretends that he is mentally ill and gets sent of to a metal hospital. But is wasn’t what he had expected. He hoped it would be better than prison and in the beginning he tries to get some off his ideas into the hospital, but he can’t rule the place. Through the book he starts to live a bit more according to the rules of the hospital.

The book is told by a Indian man  Chief Bromden who has made up that his is deaf . Nobody pays attention to him when they are talking. Because of this he hears more than the other patients. He observes a lot and in the book he describes everything with lots of details. It is not easy to understand with him telling the story. He has hallucinations and is paranoia. Sometimes you don’t know if it is the reality or his perspective. It gets sometimes misty in front of his eyes. He also sees sometimes fogs who aren’t there. I really like the way he tells the story because you see it  from the perspective of the patient who has metal problem and not form the main character who is a ‘normal’ man. If the story was told by a third person you wouldn’t see the hospital through the eyes of a patient.

In the book McMurphy gets an electric shock throw his head as a punishment. The hospital hopes that he will get quiet and stops making trouble. I found on the internet that this treatment does get used for real with mentally sick patient, The shock treatments helps  people with severe depression.

During the time Ken Kesey was working in a mental hospital he got the idea of writing the story. He not only spoke and witnessed the working of the hospital, but he also used psychoactive drugs as part of the Project MKUltra. After this he got sympathy for the patients. In the book you can read about the authorities used in the hospitals. 

Some people say  “One flew over the Cuchoo’s nest”  is one of the best books of al time. I think this book never gets out of date.

There is also a film made based on the story in 1975. Like the novel this film also was a very big hit. There are some difference between the novel and the film. The mean difference is that Chief Bromden tells the story in the book and in the film you see everything in the perspective of McMurphy. I prefer the end of the novel more then in the film. When i watched the movie i didn’t liked and understand the end of the film. Since reading the novel i understand it and really like it. In the novel Chief Bromden has a greater role in the novel then in the film. In the novel he also tells about his past and is more of a role then in the film.


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