Lord of the flies

lord of the fliesWilliam Golding, 1954

A group of little boys from around nine years old, running after one little boy from the same age, trying to get and kill him. That’s not a usual thing we see very often. The writer of the book(novel) ‘the Lord of the flies’ (William Golding) has succeeded showing the reader how this situation has occurred. How little boys can be aggressive, morally lost and insane, is shown in this book. If you’d read this book you could even understand why they act that way. Or not…

In ‘ The Lord of the flies’ William Golding tells you about a plane full of boys between 6 and 12 years old that crashed on an uninhabited island on the ocean. The boys are on the island  without their parents or any adults. They are trying to figure out a way to survive and they choose a leader. One boy doesn’t totally agree with this, he thinks that he should be the leader and he’s very upset about this. After a little while things aren’t going very flexible on the island anymore. Two groups arise, one ‘good’ group, with the old chosen leader and one group with the ‘bad’ boy, who didn’t agree with the first boy’s leadership. The atmosphere is getting hostile and little fights arise, about food or other useful stuff at the island. The boys are losing themselves more and more. They are forgetting the moral things they have learned from their parents and they create an own way of living. This way of living excludes about what’s good and what’s bad. This whole situation escalates totally …

William Golding knows how to carry you through this story, by putting real sense in it. It is so realistic that you’re really able to put yourself in the place of the characters and by that you will be able to realize that those boys could be living in the real world and that those kind of things can happen in our world. William Golding shows by writing this book, that all people, even little boys are morally bad from nature and that all people need moral standards to be part of a society. This book also contains a lot of underlying thoughts like: The conch shell. Two characters of the book find a conch shell at the beach at the beginning of the book. They are using this conch shell to summon all the boys together after the crash of the plane. After this they use the conch shell for keeping the order. If there is someone who wants to speak, he first needs the conch shell, that gives him the right to speak. Used in this way, the conch shell becomes a powerful symbol of civilization and order in this book. By reading ‘the Lord of the flies’ of William Golding, you will get a view at the true nature of our human being.


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