Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is mind blowing.

Extremely loud and incredibly close is a beautiful novel, written by Jonathan Safran Foer. This novel has an extraordinary beginning: you immediately get faced with Oscar’s weird way of thinking. He tells you about the inventions he did and about his daily occurrings. Gradually he tells you about his dad, who died during the assassination on the Twin Towers. This is a black day in history, he calls it ‘the worst day’. Almost everything that Oscar thinks of and tells you about, refers to his dad. The way Oscar expresses his emotions and his thoughts makes it very clear he is autistic. He is trying to deal with the fact that he is the only one who heard his dad’s last words on a recording device. He has a hard time dealing with that, so he replaced the recording device for a new one and hides the old one in his closet. Oscar is defined as a well-meaning and curious kid, who tries to help everyone but fails at all the times. He has a habit of giving the house key to deliverymen, for example the pizza courier. When his mom gets mad at him for doing that, he gets really confused. His grandmother is sort of the mother figure in this book. She helps him with everything and is the cutest grandmother you can imagine. She is patient and really knows how to deal with Oscar, although he is socially weird.


A couple of months after his dad died he finds a key in a little paper bag. ‘Black’ is written on this bag. Oscar is convinced that his dad wanted him to find this key and give it back to the person it belongs to. Searching for to the owner of the key covers almost the whole book. Oscar encounters a lot of funny, touching and awkward moments.

Foer chose a special way of writing this book. Although the subject is pretty heavy, a little autistic boy losing his dad, he chose for writing it very light-hearted, which makes it a really intriguing book. What makes it even better is the use of different types of writing. Sometimes he uses letters to explain things, the next time it’s a newspaper article or a fragment of some ones diary. When it is written out of Oscars point of view its feels like a everyday speech. This is one of the reasons why you can adapt to his feelings and thoughts pretty well.

Foer also wrote Everything is Illuminated. Recently Tree of Codes was released. He attended Georgetown day college and Princeton University. While he was a freshman at Princeton he took a writers course from the author Joyce Carol Oates. He told him that he had “most important of writerly qualities, energy.” This was the first time he heard something like that, it changed his life completely. Someone finally believed in him. This is the moment he started writing.

Extremely loud and Incredibly close was published in 2005. Foer based the book on 9/11.It’s a really touching and special book, which you should really read. It’s mind blowing.


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