‘The murder of Roger Ackroyd’ by Agatha Christie

Thrilling, exciting and always with a very unexpected ending. That’s Agatha Christie in a nutshell. At the end of the First World War Agatha Christie created Hercule Poirot, a little belgian man, who is just a tad neurotic, crazy and has a passion for order, but is very gifted in solving mysteries. I really loved this mystery because the ending was, as usual, very unexpected. I for one was really shocked when I read the last chapter, because I had suspicions of my own, but none of those seemed to be true.

I like the character of Monsieur Poirot as well, he makes the story a lot funnier and easier to read. Another thing that was very important to the story were the timelines (when everybody was in the house etc…), which made the book very complicated, but also very interesting, because you really had to pay attention to follow the story.

The main character is James Sheppard, the doctor who found the body of Mr. Ackroyd. The story is told from his perspective. James is a nice man, with good manners though he can be a bit slow. But he does help Monsieur Poirot solve the mystery. The story starts with a little intro about Mr. Ackroyd, who is a rich man that lives (just like James Sheppard) in King’s Abbot. Mr. Ackroyd married a woman whose last name was Paton, a widow with one child, Ralph Paton, who happens to be the main suspect during almost the whole book. But just before the end of the book, Monsieur Poirot solves the case and the real murderer will be hanged.

I really like the writing style of Agatha Christie in this book, because it’s from the perspective of one person, so it feels like you are the main character. In my opinion, Agatha Christie is too unknown among the people of my age and I think they should read her books more often. I also like the TV series based on the books, for example Miss Marple or Poirot. I think the TV series are a nice way to get to know the work of Agatha Christie better, because people of my age sometimes don’t like to read that much.

One thing I didn’t like about the book was that the story is set in the past (approximately in the beginning of the 20th century). The result of this, is that the way of speaking is very polite and a bit old-fasion. For me, this way of speaking was a bit boring and made the book harder to read. Also I think it is a pity that the story wasn’t told from the perspective of Monsieur Poirot, because he is a unique character. But in this particular story it was a very smart move (I can’t tell you why, because that would ruin the end).

I would really recommend this book to my friends, but also to adults. I think Agatha Christie is readable for everybody, but you need to have a certain level of English, because of the old way of speaking which is used. But the tension, the unexpected ending and the characters were all fantastic. This was my first book of Agatha Christie, but I think I will read them more often.



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