The (not so)Great Gatsby.


The Great Gatsby.

It’s a great novel on many levels, a fantastic story about: Love, lying and cheating and I think almost everybody has heard about this book. Yes I’m talking about The great Gatsby, written by Francis Scott Fritzgerald in 1926, one of the greatest American authors of the 20th century. He is also the writer of four other famous books: The Beautiful and Damned, The Side of ParadiseTender is the Night and The Love of the Last Tycoon.

The story is about a man named Nick Carraway who moves to the West-Egg, an island close to New York. One day he’s going to visit his cousin (Daisy Buchanan) and her husband (Tom Buchanan). During his visit, Daisy’s friend Jordan tells that there are some problems between Daisy and Tom and she also tells that tom has an affaire with some girl from New York.

A couple days later he meets his mysterious neighbour, Jay Gatsby. He is a popular, wealthy, young man, who throws gigantic parties in his garden, visited by hundreds of people every Saturday night. Gatsby turns out to be Daisy’s ex-lover and asks Nick to arrange a date with her because he’s still totally in love with her. Shortly after, they become in love again en start an affair. But Gatsby isn’t the fantastic man everybody thinks he is …

Because of all the lying, problems and love affairs, there arise many arguments. So actually you can trust nobody in this story.

The book has nine chapters but it is actually divided in five parts. It’s a very well-written and compelling story. I actually expected that this book was going to be really difficult and boring because it’s from the 20th century, but I actually really like this book. When you start to read this book, you will probably think the opposite, but after a few pages you will understand why this is a great story.

This book is really exciting, but in my opinion it’s also a really sad story. At the end of the story I actually felt a kind of sad because of all the cheating and lying. I also didn’t like the fact that Gatsby is so incredibly in love with Daisy and he does everything for her love and to impress her, but at the end of the story , they will never be together anymore…

This story is actually a kind of realistic view of the world and I think the writer of this book wants you to know that you can’t just trust everybody and sometimes you can’t even trust someone who’s really close to you like your lover or a really good friend. There will always be someone who looks incredibly cool, very confident and perfect, but everybody is not always who you think they are.



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