Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Everyday, we go to school, or work because we have to. We have to go to school because we have to get smart to be able to get a good job in the future. We need jobs to earn money so we can buy a house, buy food and maybe even be able to maintain and raise children ourself one day. But Holden Caulfield doesn’t care about these key things in life. He doesn’t really care about his future. He slacks off at school, shows bad behavior and flunks at almost all his school subjects, even though he has been expelled from multiple schools. That’s no way of living.

This book take you along in the mind of a boy that isn’t particulary a ‘badboy’, but his view at live is no good at all. In this book is told how he gets expelled of Pencey college. A school with high prestige. His parents pay money for this school so Holden can go here, but Holden doesn’t even try to follow his classes well. The book doesn’t describe well what he precisely does wrong at Pencey, but it is stated that he messed up big time. The book mostly describes what happens between the period that he almost leaves school, and the period that he nearly goes back to his parents to face them. It tells were he goes after he leaves Pencey, how he ‘horses around’ in New York, not knowing what the hell hes is supposed to do. Holden knows his parents nearly want to kill him if they see him again. So the last thing he wished to do is go back home.

I found this book an amusing book because Holden hates a lot of people, and expresses it very much. From the beginning till the end of the book Holden complains about the slightest things. From the attitude of random people to ways of speaking. He hates it all. You might think he has a medical condition. Because what goes on in his mind is far removed from the thoughts of normal people. There are people he likes, but it turns out he finds them weird too. At the end of the book, the only people he actually likes are some girls, his sister, his bigger brother brother in Hollywood and his other brother, who died.

I would recommend this book for it is very amusing to read. It’s very amusing to enter the mind of a dropout who dislikes everything around him, having no goal in life whatsoever. Besides, it’s good to read a book about someone that doesn’t have a rather perfect life like us. It shows us it can get even worse.


Julius Roeleveld.



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