the lovely bones by Alice Sebold


Everybody must have taught of death just once and about what happens next. Everybody has it’s own picture and opinion about heaven, how it looks like, if it even exists. In “the lovely bones” Sebold tells the story of Susie, the murdered girl who is watching over her family from a tree in heaven, her heaven.

In 10 years Susie is looking how her family is surviving her death. How her mother falls in love with Len, the detective of Susie’s case, how her sister is growing up, how her father just can’t forget about her and how her little brother is getting annoyed about everybody who only thinks about his dead sister.

In this book a horrible story is being described; the daughter of a perfectly happy family is suddenly murdered and the rest of the family just has to deal with this. Even though, Sebold doesn’t bring the story as horrible as it is. It is almost impossible to describe a rape and murder in a lightly way but Sebold still did. She writes in such a nice way, it looks like the story isn’t that dramatic but as reader you can still imagine why the family is acting so weird and why, for example Susie’s mother leaves the family, she just couldn’t handle Susie’s death. The detective of Susie’s case just can’t figured out who murdered her. The author could have described this in a thrilling way, but she didn’t. This made the book a little bit boring, there isn’t much action in the book and that made it really hard to keep reading. This contradicts the review on the cover of the book from the times:

Compulsive enough to read in a single sitting, brilliantly intelligent, elegantly constructed and ultimately intriguing”

The book is very detailed and this made it even more boring. Nevertheless, because of this almost every subject you can think of is being described in this book; love, hate, grief, friendship, family, marriage, affaires and much more. Sebold uses flashbacks to tell what happened in the past but can also rapidly switch back to something that happened four years later. This makes it a little difficult to read, but without this the book would be too boring.

As I said, everybody must have taught about heaven and death just once. Sebold described heaven very recognizable. I think that a lot of people see heaven like this. Peter Jackson made a movie of the book and in the trailer you can see how he made heaven look like.

The story takes place in Pennsylvania, that is also the place were Alice Sebold was born. She was also a victim of rape when she was young, so I think that this maybe is some kind of biography.
After reading this intense book I am thankful for being alive and that my loved ones are alive as well. This book makes you aware of the sudden changes that may occur in life. It encourages the readers to live in the present and to enjoy the moments of happiness. It is a book about things that may happen in life, even though it’s not positive, that is the reason it became a bestseller. After reading, the first thing I thought of was Carpe Diem



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