The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner English Review

‘for you a thousand times over Agha Amir!’ he said. then he smiled his Hassan smile and disapeared around the corner. the next time I saw him smile like that was twenty-six years later, in a faded Polaroid photograph.

The Kite Runner is a page turning afghan novel about two boys who learn to crawl and walk side by side. Amir and Hassan spend their days in Kabul kitefighting and playing under the pomegranate tree.When Amir won the kite running tournament, Hassan went to run te last kite for Amir. What Amir didn’t know was that Hassan ran into Assef(a violent older boy who lives down the street). He refused to give him Amir’s trophy and to get his revenge, Assef raped him before letting him go. Amir saw it happening from a distance during his search for Hassan. Amir witnessed the awful incident but was too scared to help him. The following days, the ashamed Amir reacts very harsh to Hassan which led to a great distance between the best friends.Amir could no longer bear it so he forced Hassan to leave by framing him as a thief.


This story is set in a complicated situation, created by even more complicated persons which makes this story appear real and makes you think about such things as friendship, loyalty and the longing for acceptance and redemption.
The cruel secret about Hassan made Amir who he is nowadays. In order to recover the friendship and loyalty between him and Hassan, The Kite Runner is taking us on a travel in which Amir tries to accomplish his longing for acceptance and redemption. This travel is well composed and has this carefully built structure in which Hosseini exposes us too many aspects of the life in Kabul and America. One moment it’s a Californian dream and the other moment it’s Kabul nightmare. They way he combines tenderness and terror keeps you reading because you never know what Khaled Hosseini is up to on the next page. Many blockages (the death of Amir’s father, the intake of Afghanistan by the Taliban etc.) ensured that it was really hard for Amir to search a sort of redemption.This causes tension so you keep reading untill the last chapters, where Amir finds his redemption for the betrayal on Hassan. But the reunion with his old friend turned out to be different than he’d expected…

This powerful end ensures that this story is hard to forget

”The Kite Runner is told with simplicity and poise, it is a novel of great hidden intricacy and wisdom, like a timeless Eastern tale. It speaks the most harrowing truth about the power of evil, personal and political, and intoxicates like a high-flying kite with the power of hope” DAILY TELEGRAPH.

The Daily Telegraph described this novel perfectly in just a few words. In addition to the Daily Telegraph: Hosseini’s writing only exists out of expression which leaves his readers with a lasting impression. This old-fashioned way of writing sweeps you away.This vivid and engaging novel inspired me and is therefore highly recommended.


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