Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Bridget Jones’s Diary.



Welcome to the world of a girl. The world of: love, cheating, partying, relationship problems, laughing, crying, broken hearts, alcohol, friends and calorie counting. Welcome to the world of Bridget Jones. Smart, crazy, thirty-something and a little bit clumsy.


If you’re a girl, take a look inside the life of Bridget Jones and you will recognize almost everything. A book filled with romance and humour. This book describes 365 days of the life of Bridget Jones. She is in love with her charming but cheating boss: Daniel and she is afraid of ending up alone. She counts almost every calorie she eats/drinks and she always finds herself in the most awkward situations. At the beginning, she meets Mark and she doesn’t like him at all but maybe her opinion about him will change. It looks like her parents are going to divorce and she thinks boss Daniel is the perfect man and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but than…


This book is actually a diary. It’s written by Bridget self, so you can read her feelings and opinions about other people and I think these parts are the most funny parts in this book and because of these parts, you’re really going to like Bridget. This book contains some flashbacks but it isn’t hard to read at all. The book is really popular. I think it’s because many girls recognize themselves in this book, for example things like: boy problems and always want to lose weight.


Bridget Jones’s Diary is written by: Helen Fielding. There have been sold more than a million copies and the book has been published in over twenty countries. Helen Fielding is fifty-five years old, she grew up in Morley and she studied English. She started working at the BBC as a regional researcher on the news magazine: Nationwide and later she became a production manager. She wrote and produced several documentaries and she also worked as a journalist and columnist. She is an English writer and besides Bridget Jones’s Diary, she also wrote some other books: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Cause Celeb and Olivia Joules and The Overactive Imagination.


I really like this book and if you’re a girl and you like those typical girls stuff, you really have to read it! You will laugh-out-loud and remember this book for years. It’s not hard to read, so you will read this book in about two days and maybe you can learn something because of this book. Don’t judge people by their looks or by first impression, because by first impression you don’t know how they really are and maybe if you’re going to know someone better, you actually like that person (Mark) and maybe in other situations you really don’t (Daniel).


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