Clay of my Clay, thou shalt not kill! Thou shalt not die!


Feet of Clay, a book written by Terry Pratchett. Its genre is Fantasy and it consists of sharp and satiric humour combined with stunning mysteries and crimes waiting to be solved. Feet of Clay is the 19th discworld novel. The story follows the members of the city Watch especially Commander Vimes. Sam Vimes is Pratchett’s hero in this book.  He dislikes all the other races such as: trolls, dwarfs, werewolfs and vampires, especially vampires. According to him they’re not alive but not just dead enough. But he doesn’t judge them on what they are but on who they are. Therefore it’s really amusing reading about his wails concerning everything and everywhere but still finds a way to live with it and pointing out the good in people.

The story is about a golem serial killer, a poisoned patrician, a werewolf’s problems and a feministic dwarf with lipstick and a beard?  Of course Vimes is trying to solve a murder case and sergeant Nobby Nobbs gets a royal title.

Vimes is the commander of the Ankh-Morpork city watch. And he is married to his job, he has a wife but she seems less important. A priest has been murdered and the killer must be found. Pratchett takes you through an amazing story with hilarious dialogues and startling mysteries. For instance the way pratchett gives his characters different ways of speaking by writing the words how they would pronounce it: “Buggrit buggrit I told’em, stand it up and pull the end orf? I told’em sez I, and would they poke”

This book is a page-turner and with every page turned comes a chuckle. For example, the golem dorfl puts a chicken on his head. Then the chicken lays an egg. At last dorfl smashes this egg onto the head of his former master. This made me chuckle. Also captain Detritus, a troll, made me chuckle several times. Because he had only three questions he only asked to his suspects:

“Did you do it?”

“Are you sure it wasn’t you who dunnit?”

“It was you who dunnit wasn’t you?”

The golems in the book are lifeless magical creatures formed by clay in a human shape with triangle red glowing eyes. They are based on the Jewish Golem which was also made of clay and having a shem. A shem is a note that contains magical words inside a golems head to make them alive. But the golems are bound to the words. The golems are also a form of artificial intelligence. Because they work like machines, they don’t have to eat and they don’t have to sleep. They can work twenty-four hours a day for every day of its consistence.

But there’s one thing that separates Pratchett from the “other” fantasy writers. He writes about the issues we experience, sexism racism and political corruption, and describes them using the Discworld, with a lot of sublety. According to me that’s why this book is a great pleasure to read. Also Feet of Clay makes you think about morality and the workings of the world. There’s only one thing that bothered me and that is the fact that every five pages ends in a cliff-hanger and continues in another story. But it forces you to read the book without stopping.


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