Tuan volgen oketh ama

If this story is to be something resembling my book of deeds, we must begin at the beginning..

These are the words Kvothe (you may have heard of him) speaks to his  audience of two before he starts the retelling of his life story. His audience consist of his apprentice (Bast, an intriguing older-than-he-looks guy of the Faerie kind) and The Chronicler (basically the guy who’s expected to write it all down; but don’t worry he’s got a handy trick for that). Now in the guise  of a simple yet amicable innkeeper  the man turned legend is starting to get a little too comfortable in his make-believe life. It’s becoming an issue and Bast is convinced that reliving his glory days through the art of story telling will help his master.

And that may very well be true, the one thing I know is that it sure as Tehlu did not help me.

Huh, but Victoria, why would you say such a thing? I thought you really liked the book? Besides, it wasn’t actually meant to help you now was it? 

Well dear italicized voice in my head I said (wrote,whatever) it because that’s how I feel about it. And I had..I had a lot of mixed feelings about this book. So while I can  say I really did like the book I could also complain about it at great length. And lastly, uh yes it was. If by help you mean entertain and fascinate me (which I did) like any good book should then yeah.. The fact that it was all a story being told by K(v)ot(h)e*  and that it took me about a week to read (more or less, I had to go to school you know) just kind of irked me. How long did the guy actually sit there listening to the red haired wonder boy’s sob story? See,hadn’t exactly had the happiest of childhoods. Part of the Edemah Ruh (a traveling company of mummers except not really because they were quality actors and minstrels and stuff) his parents were murdered brutally for singing entirely the wrong kind of songs. Before this had happened, though, Kvothe had already been noticed as a wonder boy by his makeshift teacher Ben, an arcanist they picked up along the way who taught him the basics of Sympathy. So when his parents and the rest of his troupe were taken from him, the boy reasoned the only thing he could do was go to the University. The way there wasn’t easy though, but eventually he made it. Only to be admitted as one of the youngest students ever after which he made it into the Arcanum way quicker than most could even say the word.

If my tone hasn’t made it clear enough, let me just spell it out for you. The biggest problem I had with this book was the fact that Kvothe was such a Gary Stu! Sure he had flaws..but..even those only complimented him and hardly did anything to strengthen the character.

And still I enjoyed reading the book so much. Sure the main character was a right pain in the ass and his (sort of) girlfriend a prime example of an over used female archetype but it was so well written! And by that I mean the use of words, the description not even the story itself. Because let’s face it, I’m a sucker for different cultures in fantasy realms what most attracted me were the Siaru and Modegan phrases in combination with the Aturan customs and mythology. Sadly, about halfway through the book those were to only things  I payed attention to. The story, and what ever would happen to our darling protagonist, meh..I hardly even cared anymore.

All in all…The name of the Wind started out so so so very promising but let me down quicker than a demon  dropping an iron anvil yet I’m still going to read the sequel.

*Kote is a pseudonym  Kvothe takes on as innkeeper.


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