”I go to seek a Great Perhaps”

Looking for Alaska is written by writer John Green. The book has one several awards, including the Micheal L. Printz Young Adult Award. In July  2012  Looking for Alaska even broke into the New York Times ”Best Selling Book List”,  more than 385 weeks after it’s release. Enough about sales-records and all that stuff, let’s start with where the book is truly about and even more important; what I think about it.

The story tells us about Miles Halter, whom is the protagonist, going to Culver Creek High School.  Miles has a very weird obsession; he is obsessed with last words of famous people. Miles is given his nickname, Pudge, by ”The Colonel” whom is his roommate too. The Colonel is smaller than Pudge, and becomes throughout the story a very good friend of Pudge. Pudge came to Culver Creek ”to seek a Great Perhaps”, as is his reason to leave his parents’ house too.  Pretty intresting and all, but there is one girl who is blowing Pudge’s mind; Alaska. Pudge dramatically falls for Alaska, although she is kind of harsh sometimes. She drinks, smokes but on the other side Alaska is stunning, sexy,crazy and gorgeous all in one package.  Alaska is very mysterious and it is possible that is what makes her so intresting.  I loved Looking For Alaska, the story is original and very well written too. You truly fall in love with the characters. It is also very poetically  written in many aspects, such as the book starts with ”One Hundred and Thirty-Six Days Before” and obviously the book ends with ‘the page’ ”One Hundred and Thirty-Six Days After”. The moment you read the ‘before’ part at the beginning of the book you don’t want to stop reading till you reach the main event (nor before nor after). Usually I hate these kind of books who are written very poetical  because they are annoyingly vague, but surprisingly ‘Looking For Alaska’ wasn’t vague at all, which I found very pleasent.

While I am glorifying Jonh Green’s novel there are some flaws in the book. The best part of the book is pretty much from the beginning till a week or 2 after the horrible car-accident. From there on it really feels like Green wants to write his novel because he thinks it should not end like: working to main event – main event – end. But it really should, because what really happens after the main event is basically trying to put the horrible car-accident  into perspective, and if it was intentional or not, but after a massive detour of many  pages coming to the same conclusion that we couldn’t have known. I get it from the writers’ perspective, but it was really annoying being the reader. Also, the reader doesn’t get to know a lot about Alaska, even though the book is in fact about her.

On the whole, the pros outweigh the cons and Looking For Alaska is amazingly good. For example when the accident happens, you really are not in the best mood thinkable.  A fantastic,  but especially a compelling book with a sharp, mysterious edge.


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