Justin Case, Meg Rosoff


Justin Case, actually David Case is a boy, living in Luton, England, who hasn’t found out yet who he is and what his goals are. David Case never questions his ordinary suburban life until one fateful day. He is 15 years old when he sees his little brother from 2 years old standing in a open window. That moment will change his whole life. The word ‘Fate’ is spinning through his head from that day on. Meg Rosoff is trying to show that the mental development of the human brain totally follows it’s own path and that it can’t be influenced by rational thinking.

The boy David Case starts calling himself Justin Case what reflects on ‘just in case..’. That new name shows the main thoughts of the main character in the book. His conception of life is that everything depends on fate and that fate can not be changed. Still this boy, Justin Case, is trying very hard to change his fate and goes very far to achieve his hope-less attempts to change his fate.

Meg Rosoff is incredibly good at describing the way Justin Case is struggling with getting older and getting responsibilities. She knows very well how to put down a boy who has totally no idea what to do with his live and how to react at certain situations and especially situations in which Justin Case has to deal with peers.  The questions: ‘Who am I ?”, ‘What can happen next?’ and ‘what can be the worst that can happen?’ are written down very often by Meg Rosoff.

 This gives the book a little depressing athmosphere because the main character Jusin Case always thinks the worst of every situation:

“Fate is trying to kill me. I miss my dog. What’s a doctor going to say? You’re not ill, you’re mad as a muffin? They’ll either lock me up or tell me to get a grip and no one will believe the truth anyway.” 

Meg Rosoff takes you through three different stages: his childhood, his puberty and his way to adulthood. In every stage she changes her writing style and that gives the reader really the feeling that he’s going to different stages of Justin Case’s life. What Meg Rosoff also tries to show is the process of a child growing away from his parental home which sometimes goes together with a lot of depressions and sadness. What Meg rosoff also shows is that love can make youn people very vulnerable, in this book Justin Case falls in love with a girl who is older than he is. The love between the two is not mutual and Justin Case is feeling miserable what gives him even more the feeling that his fate is very bad and will follow him till his death. Justin Case keeps on avoiding his fate which enlarges his fears. The book is realistic in a certain way but it can also be a little extravagant. Still, the book is very interesting and amusing to read.



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