The tale of the children of Húrin

Túrin son of Húrin lord of Dor-lómin from the House of Hador is the protagonist in the imaginative book “The children of Húrin” written by the father of the modern fantasy: J.R.R. Tolkien. The story is all about the wretched life of Túrin and his sister Nienor which means mourning in Sindarin, the language of the elder children of ilúvatar, the elves. The book contains a very interesting preface about the history of this piece of middle earth where the story takes place and about the correct pronunciation of Sindarin.

The story begins with Húrin and his brother Húor who discover the elfish hidden city of Gondolin. They swear not to reveal its location.

Hereafter Húrin marries Morwen Eledwen and she gives birth to three children. Túrin, Lalaith and Nienor. But Morgoth an evil valar, some kind of god, wants to lead a reign of terror upon the land of middle earth. And he knows that Húrin can reveal the location of Gondolin. A battle is coming up and Húrin now the lord of Dor-lómin has to lead his troops to rank with the elves. But then they lose the battle against Morgoth because he uses several balrogs, that evil inflamed bugger I remembered from the mines of moria in the lord of the rings.

The battle was called Nirnaeth Arnoediad, unnumbered tears.

He is captured and he is put upon the tower of Morgoth to see his son who was doomed by Morgoth. Túrin flees to the elves in Doriath and there he grows to adulthood. But the curse of Morgoth starts to affect him and he brings doom wherever he goes, he became Turambar ”master of doom”.

According to me this book is the most dramatic one Tolkien has ever written, because it doesn’t end very well for everyone. And everywhere where Túrin goes, his doom follows while his intentions are always well ment, but his actions will lead him to the doom of others or himself.

When I started reading the book I found it difficult to get into Tolkien’s style of writing due to the fact that he portrayed his imaginations with a great deal of details through the words.

But when you read the first fifty pages, you’re completely in the story which you can’t get out until the last page is turned.

Another great fact about this book is that Tolkien shows a more defined civilisation of the elves than he did in the Lord of the Rings. And the elves seem as a superior race without the so called “dark” thoughts of men like hatred revenge and betrayal. But when Túrin comes, so does his doom. Therefor it starts to torment the elves by growing betrayal and revenge into their minds.

There is only one thing that bothered me in “The children of Húrin” and that is Tolkiens chapter title choice. Because all his chapter titles spoil the plot, for an example “the death of …”. 

In conclusion The children of Húrin is a page turner with mythical elves, betraying dwarfs, loyal men , a wingless dragon of fire, balrogs with battleaxes, gods, And above all the great mythical world of middle earth. I think this is a challenge worthy for Peter Jackson.


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