Steel and Snow


This review is about: ‘A Storm of Swords  1: steel and snow’ by George R.R. Martin. steel and snow

As well as many of my friends and i watch the HBO series ‘A Game of Thrones’ It motivated me to read the books as well. Or rather to read the parts of the novel series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ corresponding with the television series by HBO. A friend of mine just finished the third book and because the third season of the television series, consisting of part 1 and part 2 of the “a storm of swords” book series,  wasn’t all done yet I borrowed the book and started reading part one. When I finished the book I was eager to see the last episode of the television series which will air another day.

In my opinion this book, together with all its brothers, belongs among the classics such as J.R.R. Tolkien and Terry Pratchett. The manners in which the characters are described are better personalized than the ones on the television series, storylines get huge makeovers.  Jon Snow for instance is going to play a totally different role than before, he seems happy with the wildlings in the television series but in the book you can read his thoughts of doubt and that will give you a better understanding of him. Also Arya stays the little psychopath as before. She supply’s us our daily dose of brutal action that we do so well remember from the end of the second book. But this book gives us a better understanding why she’s so bitter and psychotic. So this book has more action than the previous ones and brings us more understanding than the television series. It is much more dynamic and you’ll get a lot of surprises. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop watching the television series which spoiled all the twists and surprises for me while reading the book. After every chapter the tension grows fiercely, armies getting bigger, hosts joining up and rivalry growing fiercer. I feel a giant clash coming up, and those are the presumptions that everyone who reads this book will make, I mean seriously, how can anything or anyone beat the army of Denaerys Targaryen? I really don’t know. So overall I enjoyed this book very much because it isn’t only a well told story but also keeps you awake at night thinking: ‘What will happen next?’.

Like I said before , the third part is composed of two books. So details like the slaughter of Robb and his wife, mother and all he loved by Ser Walder Frey came as a total surprise. Oh I’m sorry did anyone want me to put ****SPOILER ALERT**** above this part.

In conclusion this book is a page turner, although some storylines are less exciting than the others. The second thing that bothered me as well was that the appearances of the protagonists in the series didn’t correspond with the ones I imagined reading the book. For instance the head wound of Tyrion Lannister was way more mutilating than the gorgeous Tyrion on my Television screen.

For me, it was an amazing journey through Westeros and beyond.


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