We need to talk about Kevin

Eva Khatchadourian and her husband Franklin are happily married. They don’t have children, but they feel as though it might be time. Eva detests the idea of being an “all American” happy family. She sees herself as a cultured and refined person and doesn’t want to ruin her current lifestyle. She writes travel guides for a living. Franklin however, loves the American dream and can’t wait to have children. After discussing the subject for so many times, Eva agrees with Franklin. They’re going to have a baby. Eva Expects to love her child, the moment she lays eyes on it. This doesn’t happen and that disappoints her. She feels like this makes her a bad mother. She tries and tries to bond with her son but as it turns out, the little baby boy Kevin, is not exactly a parents dream. As a baby, he terrorizes her all day by crying. And as a child he actively sabotages Eva’s life. Towards his father, he’s always kind and loving. This drives a wedge between Eva and Franklin because he doesn’t believe her when she tells him about Kevin’s behavior. When Kevin grows older, he’s not like normal children. He seems dark and doesn’t show interest for things regular kinds would. Throughout the book, you feel something is wrong. All the events lead up to one horrible event. “Thursday”. The book is a collection of letters from Eva to her husband. In these letters she contemplates who is to blame and recounts the story of everything that happened.

The decision to use letters is interesting because while reading, you start to mistrust Eva. Is everything she says really true? Or does she simply have an overactive imagination. Some of the things Eva describes, seem too horrible to be completely accurate.

This is a book you need to get in to. Starting out, Eva comes of as a self pitying, sad, annoying person. The best way to describe her would be “a whiney b*tch”. And when no interesting events seem to happen in the first couple of chapters, you really want to just stop reading. However, you shouldn’t. When Eva’s son Kevin is born, things get a little more interesting. The way Shriver portrays Kevin’s character and his relationship with his mother is terrifying, but also very realistic.

As the story progresses, it’s still no pleasant read. But you want to know what happened, so you keep on reading. Eva describes all these evil things Kevin does and also expresses her dislike of Kevin but amazingly, as a reader you start to feel sympathy for the characters.

This is definitely a book I’d recommend. With all it’s tension and gradual build up to a horrific climax. This is a thrilling tale of a woman whose life has been completely altered. I haven’t read a book this good in a long time



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