‘Seducing An Angel’ by Mary Balogh

He is to be wealthy, wellborn, and want her more than he wants any other woman. Those are the conditions that must be met by the man Cassandra Belmont will choose as her lover.

seducing-an-angel1The just widowed Cassandra Belmont has nothing left in possession. Just dragging her dear former governess Alice and a maid Mary with an illegitimate child Belinda with her. And oh, don’t forget Roger. The old dog with one ear and three legs. Cassandra needs money. And that’s why she needs a lover to provide for them. Cause she will not marry. Nor will she work. And now she’s fishing.

‘I am no threat to you, you see, Lord Merton,’ she said. ‘I would not marry you if you were to approach me on bended knee every day for a year and send me a daily bouquet of two dozen red roses.’
‘But you would seduce me,’ he said.
‘Only if it were necessary,’ she said, smiling back at him.

However a scandal is following her. Set in the mighty Regency England, rumours spread widely. People have no reason to interact with her and therefore Cassandra needs a plan. Going uninvited to a ball where many rich men are. One stands out. Stephen Huxtable, the most attractive and wanted Earl of Merton. She will and shall seduce him, one way or another. But then Stephens steps in, he shall marry Cassandra Belmont instead.

‘Then you are doomed, ma’am,’ he said, his eyes dancing with merriment. ‘No man is perfect.’

Seducing An Angel is obviously a love story, in case you didn’t get that from the summary.  Lucky for me it’s not an usual dramatic Romeo and Juliet story where they die in the end. It’s just a simple romantical story set in old times, but just well written. Set in the Regency, there isn’t any history lessons needed to understand the story. The simplicity makes actually the novel much stronger. Mary Balogh doesn’t use hard lines, the story just flows. The writingstyle is elegant and simple, just like the story. There is passion, love and juicy gossip. Even the nights of passions are written natural with an underlying passion. Not too explicit, just with a lots of feelings. Along the romance there are underthemes which gives the novel more vorm, it’s not all about the romance. And the last but not least, the characters. They make the novel complete. The characters are so described in a way that isn’t annoying. The descriptions embody them, you’ll understand their motives.

The Bestseller Mary Balogh is known for her historical romance novels. She has written more than 60 novels and 30 novellas. For her first novel A Masked Deception she won the Romantic Times Award for best new Regency writer. Since then she has won many awards, including seven Waldenbooks Awards and two B. Dalton Awards Writer. Seducing An Angel is a part of a bookseries. It’s the fourth book in the Huxtable Family Quintet series.

Seducing An Angel is just perfect for the sappy romanticists. Gossip, passion and love. It has it all. And don’t worry if you want more, Mary Balogh has written enough for you for the rest of your lifetime.


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