A long way down. By Nick Hornby


A long way down is written by Nick Hornby. He’s born in England on the 17th of April in 1957. He studied English on the Jesus College in Cambridge. He was a teacher and a journalist before he decided that he wanted to be a writer. He  written more good books like: About a boy. In 1999 he got the E.M. Forster Award of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

The story is about four people named : JJ, Maureen, Martin and Jess. They want to kill themselves on New Year’s Eve. They meet each other on the top off a roof in London. JJ, Maureen and Martin don’t want that Jess to commit suicide because she is so young. Jess says she won’t kill herself, if the others help her find her ex-boyfriend. They agree and won’t commit suicide that day. Martin, Maureen, JJ and Jess decide that they’re a gang. Also they decide that they won’t commit suicide until Valentine’s day. A few days later they find out that the ex-boyfriend off Jess called the papers about their meeting with him, because martin is a TV presenter. The papers say that Jess is Martin’s new girlfriend. They provide from this by saying on television that on the roof they saw an angel who got them down. For this Martin, Maureen, JJ and Jess get a lot of money. Maureen wants to go on a holiday, so they go to the Tenerife. On Valentine’s day no one really wants to commit suicide, but they still go to the roof where they met eachother. Here they see a guy who kills himself by jumping off the roof. They decide to go down, before someone would do the same. When they meet up again Martin says that he has read in a paper that people who want to kill themselfs change their minds after 90 days. Maureen, Martin, JJ and Jess agree to meet after those 90 days and see if things have been changed. After that 90 days they’re all busy getting their lives back on the road again. 

The book is written through the eyes of Jess, JJ, Martin and Maureen. I like that, because you can identify with the characters better than you could if the book was written from another perspective. But the point of view changes a lot in the book. My opinion is that the point of view changed to much, because if the point of view changed less, it would be easier to read. But I think that the storyline in the book is intersting, because the book shows that if you’re at the point that you don’t see the positive things in life anymore and want to commit suicide, that suicide is not the best option.

I like the style how nick hornby has written the book, because he tells the story in a hilarious way, so it isn’t difficult to read.

The end wasn’t suprising because they don’t commit suicide. It, like almost all the books, has a happy ending. I was hoping that this finially was a book were there wasn’t a happy ending. Because that had made the book more different from all the other books.

It’s not the best book I have read so far, but it’s still a book I would recomment reading.


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