“Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games is an addictive trilogy where the reader won’t be able to find a right spot to stop reading as there will remain unanswered questions throughout the book. I thought that the second book “Catching Fire” wouldn’t be original enough as they couldn’t have a second Hunger Games with the same main characters as in the first book. But there had to be another round of the Hunger Games with them in it somehow, but for what nonsensical reason would the Capitol let Peeta and Katniss participate in the games again? After reading this however I noticed I didn’t care as much for the games as I thought. I found out that the main theme of the second book isn’t all about fighting and being victorious in battle.
Of course, in Catching Fire the Hunger Games are still of significant importance, but the theme isn’t just all about fighting anymore. Actually, the real story isn’t about the games. Of course, while reading you do want to know who will be the winner of the 75th hunger games, but Suzanne Collins puts the focus on something else. The relation between Katniss and Peeta, who to trust and the unpredictable Capitol are some items that Collins is giving way more attention. I think she chose to do this because else all three books would be too similar. Collins also shows this in the way she describes things. She tells more about the mood and feelings of the characters than she describes the surroundings and actual happening events. The previous part of the trilogy ensured the reader to empathize even more with the main characters, because now you know what was going on at that time and it explains the behaviour of some characters that previously were mysterious.
The second book answered lots of questions from the first book, but also gave the reader a lot of new questions. I think the first book was better because there were alot of new things for the reader to discover. The subject of Catching Fire was exactly the same as in the first book, so the second book wasn’t very innovative. This is merely why I like the first book better. I can predict that the last book will be an improvement over the second book because there must be an amazing plot. Catching Fire opens up an entirely new item: The 13th district. Maybe Collins will change the theme in the last book. However, if she sticks to the theme of the Hunger Games in the first two books the readers might get bored. The games are exciting, but it doesn’t have much to do with the main storyline…
The book was published in 2009, and later on was made into a movie. Lionsgate released the movie in the end of 2013. The third and the last novel of the trilogy followed in 2010. The New York Times gave a positive review: “Collins has done that rare thing. She has written a sequel that improves upon the first book. As a reader, I felt excited and even hopeful: could it be that this series and its characters were actually going somewhere?” The book was being sold rapidly, there were 750.000 copies sold just in the first months. Collins earned it and ever since she won nineteen prices with it.
I’ll definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, romance and fiction. I hope all loose ends will be clarified in the last book of this compelling trilogy.
Mauro Smid, V5C (dyslexie)

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