Classic: The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

The reason why I wanted to read this book, is because is saw Tom Sawyer in an episode of Fairly Odd Parents years ago.This book is about Tom Sawyer and his thrilling adventures, it was written by Mark Twain. Although this book is old (it was written in 1876) it’s still funny and the story has a lot of fantasy in it. At first it was hard to read, because the english is hard to understand when you’re not used to read ‘older’ english, but this book is so well written, that  after a short time you don’t notice it anymore.


Tom Sawyer is a boy with a lot of fantasy, all the adventures he passes through are a bit exaggerated and his view of the world is typical for a young boy. Tom Sawyer lives with his aunt Polly and his stepbrother Sydney, in St Petersburg, Missouri nearby the river Missisippi, St Petersburg is a fictional town based on the hometown of Mark Twain (Hannibal, Missouri). Tom has a lot of  charms and he is very smart, as you can read in the beginning of the book. Tom let everyone do his jobs when he get punished by his not-so-smart aunt Polly, just by making the job seem special. He is also an expert in avoiding school and other ‘stupid’ activities, such as cleaning and doing homework. But Tom is an honest boy with one best friend: Huckleberry Finn. Huck is the son of the village drunkard and he has no house, he sleeps outside and because of that he gains a lot of respect from the other children in the village. Together, Tom and Huck, are unstoppable and they cause a lot of fuss. So when Tom and Huck, in the middle of the night, going to the graveyard to remove warts by waving with a dead cat, they witness the murder of Dr. Robinson. And later in the book when Tom and Huck are treasure hunting in a haunted house, they see the murderer of Dr. Robinson (which is by the way the most exciting part of the book). Tom falls also in love and he gets stuck in the caves nearby the town with his crush, etcetera etcetera many adventures and very original but predictable.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain (1835-1910) is one of the most famous authors of the United States, as a decent person you have to read at least one of his books in your life.

Mark Twain in 1907

When he was alive, Mark was friends with presidents, artists, scientists and the royalty, he was a prominent man. With his sharp humor he raised a lot of criticism but many people praised him a lot too. Mark Twain also wrote the book: The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn which is a sequel to Tom Sawyer, if you can’t get enough of Tom Sawyer I would recommend Huckleberry Finn!

If you’re feeling to read a book, which is easy to read and with jaunty stories about a young boy whose imagination goes further than you can imagine, than you have to read this book! It’s a book with a clear moral lesson, but it’s not pressed on you, it is an innocent book with a lot of humor and be aware that this book is old, so don’t expect complicated stories with even more complicated storylines. This book is perfect for your reading list, it is a classic one and it was written by a well-known author, enough reasons to read this book: The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer!



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