Leaving Paradise


Leaving  Paradise was written by Simone Elkeles in 2007. Simone was born in 1970 in Chicago, The book was written in 2007 and in 2010 came a sequel named Return to Paradise. She earned a bachelor in psychology from the University of Illinois after that she earned a master of science when she was done she went to work at the manufacturing company from her dad. When he died she became the CEO of the company she was at that moment 24 years old! she started writing in 2000, her first book was How to Ruin a Summer Vacation. Since that book she won many awards and prices for her books.

The book called Leaving Paradise because it is the dream of Maggie to leave Paradise and live and go to school in Spain. The genre of the book is a novel and I liked the book.

The book tells the story of a teenage girl named Maggie Armstrong, she was popular and good in sports but it all disappeared when she was the victim in a horrible car accident, the driver of the car was her own neighbor Caleb Becker a former sporter and the boyfriend of the evil but popular Kendra. He was drunk when he hits Maggie he thought he hits a squirrel and drove further. Caleb was arrested and sent to prison after one year he comes back. Through the accident Maggie has a handicap en she can’t walk like a normal person. Caleb discovers that everybody changed, his best friend Brian has a relationship with his ex girlfriend Kendra and his twinsister Leah become a goth with black make-up en hair. One night Caleb walks down the street and Maggie comes back from a party, which she doesn’t like, maybe you guess it already but they meet up in the middle of the street, they talked about the accident and Caleb said that she should forget it and that he pays his debts to the society. Before the accident Maggie was a very good tennis player and she earned a grant to live and study in Spain but through the accident she can’t play anymore so she get no grant. She must pay it by herself and get an offer to work from mrs. Reynolds the mother of the boss of Maggie’s mother. At the same time Caleb must do community service by an old woman if he don’t do it he goes back to jail, they work for the same woman: mrs. Reynolds. In the beginning Maggie hates Caleb but after a short time they like each other…

I like the book because it was good ‘readable’ not to difficult words and exciting happenings like the scene that Caleb goes to selection rounds for the wrestling team and he starts wrestling with the boy, who makes jokes and intimidate Maggie. You can also feel what the persons in the book feel, like Maggie, she won’t fall in love with the boy who destroyed her life. The book has also things I don’t like, for example that you know from the start of the book what the plot is, that Caleb and Maggie fall in love with each other. But if you want to read a good novel about two teenagers then is this book really good.


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