Of Mice And Men

John Ernst Steinbeck is the name of the author. He was born on the 27th of februari in 1902 in Salinas (California) and was of Irish and German origin. In 1929 Steinbeck wrote his first book: Cup of Gold. It was a novel about a pirate named Sir Henry Morgan. In 1962 John Steinbeck won the Nobel prize in Literature. He died of heart problems on the 20th of december in 1968, he was 66 years old.

In 1937 Steinbeck wrote a book with the title Of Mice and Men, it is a book with 96 pages and 6 chapters. The book is also a novel just like 26 other books Steinbeck wrote.

The maincharacters are George and Lennie. George is a smart man, he is small and thin. He is the one with the brains and Lennie is the one with the brute force. George always tells what Lennie has to do and protects him where ever he goes. Ofcourse sometimes George doesn’t want to be with Lennie anymore but besides that they have a good relationship.
Lennie is his stupid friend. He is a really big guy but he is childlike. When Lennie was just a child, he gets kicked by a horse. Because of this Lennie is very slow and dumb. He is strong and forgets about a lot of things. Lennie listens to all George has to say and does it all as good as possible. It think the most strange thing about Lennie is that he is a really big and massive guy but he likes fluffy things and cuddling. That’s why he wants to start a own ranch with his best friend and on the ranch he wants to keep rabbits and mice, but especially rabbits, so he can cuddle and look after them.  George doesn’t want Lennie to cuddle the animals, this gives sometimes problems, because he is very big and strong and when he cuddles animals like mice and rabbits they die because he breaks their neck.

The story is about two boys, George and Lennie who travel together to find work. They travel from ranch to ranch to find work. In the beginning of the book they are working on a ranch in Weed. There is a girl and Lennie is talking to her. He wants to feel her red dress but she dindn’t like that and she started yelling. Because of this Lennie got confused and held on. Lennie and George quickly went to another ranch because the girld told the guys in Weed about what Lennie did and now they want to lynch him. On their way to another ranch they passed by a small lake and George says to Lennie: “If it is necessary and you need to get away, than this is the place we’ll meet each other again.”

On their new address they meet Candy, an old man that works on this ranch for years and he only has 1 hand. Also they meet Slim, he is a jerkline skinner. Slim has got a dog with nine pups. Lennie gets one of the pups from Slim. But he may not cuddle them for the first couple of weeks because they are to little now. He can’t wait and he cuddles the puppy and the puppy dies. Lennie is scared to tell George because George wants to open his own ranch later and he said that Lennie can tend the rabbits. He has killed his puppy now, so he is scared that George won’t let him tend the rabbits anymore. Curley, the son of the boss, doesn’t like Lennie because he says nothing. Candy, Lennie and George are planning to nuy a quiet place to live, where Lennie can tend Rabbits and where they can live as they want.

On a sunday afternoon when most men are gone Lennie and Curley’s wife are talking to each other. During their conversation Lennie may feel her hair, so he does it but to rough. She gets frightened and Lennie panics, Lennie breaks her neck by accident because he panicked. He know he has done something wrong and very stupid so he runs away from the ranch. When the others discover the body they are going to look for him so they can take revenge . Also George is going to look for him, but he knows where to find him..

When George arrives at the small lake Lennie is there, just like they said to each other. They are talking with each other about the future, but out of nothing George shoots Lennie in the neck and he says to everyone that it was an accident.

I think it was very interesting because the book describes the stupid/smart contrast. The funniest thing was for sure Lennie and his stupidity. I recommend this book to everyone because it is not that long and it is easy to read.


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