The Abolutist

The writer of the absolutist is John Boyne . He is born and raised in Dublin. He is a well known writer. He mostly writes novels, and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is his most famous one. Boyne studied on the University of Dublin and the University of Norwich. His first novel came out in 2000, and the latest in 2013. Most of them are very good and couple are bestsellers.

John Boyne

The reason i chose this book is because i also read The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas a couple years ago and i really liked it. So i started looking around on the internet if John Boyne also read some other good books. T.B.i.t.S.P. was a book that played during the second world war. I found it really interesting, and the Absolutist is a book mostly about the first world war. Witch made already very interesting so i looked further on the internet and saw some good reviews, and i chose it.

The main character of the book is Tristan Sadler, he is a man. The other two important persons are William Bancroft and his sister Marian Bancroft. The whole book is a look through the eyes of Tristan Sadler and a look in his mind. During his youth he realizes that he is gay, but in that time that was absolutely not accepted. His father hated him because he was gay, actually everybody hated him because of this. Tristan tells this to Marian and her parents. At that moment it all becomes more clear, Tristan was in love with Will, Marians brother. John Boyne tells this so well and he makes it all so clear that you really live as Tristan. In the beginning you have no idea he is gay, but when he is struggling with his thoughts you are also struggling with your thoughts.

Tristan breaks, he can´t lie anymore. He tells Marian everything about Wills last hours during the war. How he got himself into trouble. Will was very upset about something. Will found a German soldier left as the only survivor in a taken trench and wants to take him as a prisoner. But some other guys just wanted to finish him. Tristan does nothing, the boy gets shot immediately. Will is so upset by this so he stops fighting. He is charged as a coward. They say he is letting everyone down and will be shot if he doesn’t fight. Tristan is reaaly upset about this because he loves him.  He tries to talk to Will for the last time, tries to hug or kiss him. But Will hits him, Tristan is so angry, puzzled and upset. He walks out and the clock says 6am, the time that Will is going to be executed. There are standing 5 men with a rifle and the corporal says to Tristan go get an 6th man for me, we need six. And at that moment Tristan says I will be 6th. Will walks to the wall, he is blindfolded. But at the last moment he puts down his bandage an sees Tristan aiming at him. At the last second before they shoot him he says Tristan, and that is his last word. During this moments you are really in the head of Tristan and you can almost feel the eyes of Will burning, and when he says Tristan you feel it going to your whole body. The only things that where hard to imagine is the love he has for a boy. But that is also in the beginning after that I just replaced Will or Peter in my head with girls. And when you do that you can really feel how much he loves him. But you also notice that it is very hard or nearly impossible to come out in those days. If this really happened i bet that the story of Tristan Sadler would be one of THE best world war 1 stories ever.


The definition of an absolutist is: ”men who were categorically opposed to the war. These men were unwilling to perform any form of alternative non-combatant service that might aid the war effort.” And This is precisely what William Bancroft was.

This book is absolutely amazing, it is so well written. It is one of the best novels i have ever read. At the beginning i thought what is this for a book?? It has no clear introduction or something, you start right in the middle of it. If you really pay attention while reading you maybe had a little presumption that Tristan is gay, but that totally isn’t harassing. I did notice it ones but Boyne writes so well I forgot it immediately. Boyne could have done some little things to make his book even better. He could have skipped some of the little to long explanations of unnecessary things. But when you where finally through that it also makes more sense.


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