The Boys from Brazil

Ira Levin was born in Manhattan in 1929. He wasn’t only an author he also was a scriptwriter. Levin wrote his first novel ‘A Kiss before Dying’ in 1953, it was well received because in 1954 the book won the Edgar Award for best novel. In total Ira Levin has written seven books and he died from a heart attack in 2007.

The Boys from Brazil was written in 1976 and it was made into a movie with the same title in 1978.


The story starts in Brazil where Dr. Josef Mengele gathers a group of six former SS officers. He plans to murder 94 officials around the 65 years old. Why does he do that? He does it so that a new Adolf Hitler can arise. The 94 officials are spread around nine countries and they all have a son of thirteen years old and a wife around the 42 years old. The murders have to look naturally or like accidents and the families can’t be involved. Barry Koehler taps the conversation, but not long after that the group finds and kills him. They didn’t know that just before they killed him Barry told Yakov Lieberman all about their plan. Lieberman is a Nazi hunter but he doubts if he should believe what he just heard. Even so he asks Sidney an English journalist to look for newspaper articles of men of 65 who died. A few days later Lieberman gets an envelope with 40 articles whereof eleven suit with what he was looking for. He visits one of the family’s of the deceased, but he thinks that maybe this isn’t the right family so he visits another. The weird thing is that the sons of the family’s look just like each other. They both have a sharp nose, dark hear, blue eyes and they are both pale. After more research he finds out that more families of deceased have sons that match this description. The six former SS officers are recalled by Mengele’s boss because he thinks that Lieberman knows to much so the operation is getting to dangerous. Mengele ignores the order and he continuous by himself. The next man on the list is mister Wheelock and Lieberman knows this so he tries to stop Mengele.


This novel is fiction but it has a few elements that are true. Dr Josef Mengele was a German doctor who did chemical experiments on people in the concentration camp of Auswitz and after the war he fled to Brazil. There also was a Nazi hunter but his name wasn’t Lieberman but Simon Wiesenthal.


I would really recommend this book if you like novels that are filled with action or novels that are a bit about WWII. Even if you don’t like reading you should read it, because it’s exiting from page one and it is easy to read. At first the story may seem a bit weird because which idiot plans to murder 94 man that are spread around nine countries, but eventually it all makes sense.



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