The fault in our stars

The book “the fault in our stars” tells us about a sixteen years old girl with cancer. I thought it would be another typical cancer-book, about a girl with cancer, who is going to do everything she can do to fight against it and wants to contribute in a positive way to the world before she dies, such as the book “before I die”.

But when I had read the first few pages, I knew this would be the best book I have ever read.

The book is about Hazel, a girl diagnosed with cancer.

Actually, Hazel was not supposed to have been alive, still. But thanks to a new medicine and her oxygen tank, called Philip, she conquers the cancer for the time being. With the little energy she has left, she watches America’s Next Top Model”, reads “An Imperial Affliction” over and over again and attends meetings in a support group. There she meets Augustus Waters, who was suffering from bone cancer, a year and a half ago. He only has one leg left, but he has been healed and he adores Hazel. Hazel tries to oppose, because she feels like a grenade.


In despite of all, the attraction between the two cannot be stopped. She falls in love with him:

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly, and then all at once.’’

Augustus decides to read “An Imperial Affliction” and he becomes almost as obsessed with it as she is.
Augustus had saved his wish from “The Genies” (a fictionalized version of the Make a Wish Foundation), and wants to use it to fly himself and Hazel to Amsterdam, to meet Peter van Houten, the alcoholic author of An Imperial Affliction. After some consultation with her doctors, she is cleared to fly to Amsterdam with Augustus and her mother to meet van Houten. The trip to Amsterdam is unforgettable, but the meeting with van Houten was nothing like she expected it to be.

It would be a shame to share the end of the story, in my opinion, but she meets van Houten, in a more special way, because it was very unexpected.

What makes this book wonderful to read, are the nice, little things. The book contains some great quotes, which describe exactly what several people always try to verbalize. The part that impressed me most, was the following part:


I have to admit, I needed a tissue once in a while, because some things were really beautiful. The book did not end the way I expected it to end, and maybe that is the reason why the book is so wonderful, but it is rather frustrating.

The book contains a valuable message. It shows that a disease not only brings sad circumstances, but also wonderful moments and unconditional love.

I could not agree more with Hazel, when she says: : ‘without pain we wouldn’t know joy’.

The story makes you understand how it is like to live with an incurable disease, but in a sarcastic, funny and romantic way.

The author of the book is John Green en you probably know him from his novels “An abundance of Katherines” and “Looking for Alaska”.

“The fault in our stars” partially takes place in Amsterdam, and John Green lived in Amsterdam for two months, just to experience what it is like to be in Amsterdam.

As you can see in the following video, he is very excited about his visit.

‘When people talk about nerdiness, what they really talk about is smart people who are trying to think hard about the world.’

That is exactly the way John Green writes. He shows clearly the way young people look at life, and what they think about the world we live in. He writes in a humoristic and realistic way. He combines all aspects for a good story, but with very much of his own qualities.

The movie ‘The fault in our stars’, based on the novel, will be released this year.

In most cases I prefer the book above the movie, because while reading a book, I can use my imagination in a better way.

Reading this book, I could perfectly imagine what Hazel and Gus were like, what their houses were like and in which way they communicate. I watched the trailer, without even thinking about it, and I wish I did not watch it. It did not meet my expectations and that was a bit disappointing, but I cannot wait to see the movie!

I would strongly advise you to read the book, before you see the movie.

When I would use one word to subscribe the book, I would say: fantasticwonderfulunforgettablegreatsupermarvelous.

The trailer:



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