The mission

The differences between written work and posting a blogpost.

For this assignment (which is one of your PTA marks for English this year and  needs to be posted before the 24th of January) you will write a so called blogpost and (later on) comment on someone else’s blogpost. This blogpost will be around 800 words in length (10% margin) and will contain your ideas on the book you’ve read. The comment that you post will need to be around 200 words in length, again with a 10% margin. There are many reasons why writing online is more fun and generally better for you than writing on paper…but I will spare you the details for now, first some explanation.

What is a blogpost?

It is writing posted on a blog, the difference between online and offline writing is (for our purposes here) first of all that writings posted online can contain hyperlinks, so you can refer to your sources in the running text. One advantage of using hyperlinks is that you can build your ideas on the ideas other people have shared online, this is not the same as committing plagiarism which will instantly result in an insufficient mark.  So for example, rather than pretending to have thought up the parallel between George Orwell’s Animal Farm and the Russian revolution yourself, using this hyperlink you can show that other people have thought this up before you and focus on your opinion piece instead.  Another big difference between writing on paper and writing a blogpost is that blogposts can (in theory) be read by millions and millions of interested readers…imagine that. And finally, blogposts can contain all sorts of wonderful embedded media, like this possessed cat:

More assignment requirements will follow. Have fun.


3 responses to “The mission

  1. Jip

    Hoi meneer vd Kruk!
    Is The Humbling van Phillip Roth een goed boek om te lezen voor het volgende boekverslag?
    X Jip

  2. Wat is precies die comment, die kan je toch pas maken als iedereen zijn review heeft ingeleverd??


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