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Review of the book “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”‏

Recently I’ve read the book “The perks of being a wallflower” written by Stephen Chbosky and I’d like to share my thoughts about this book. First of all the book is written in the first-person and that’s always a bonus I think personally, because this way you can experience the book via the perspective of the main character and this is what makes reading books so interesting because you kind of are living someone else’s life. The narrator himself however is not a reliable source at all, this is because he has psychological problems and you’ll find out later in the book what has triggered his so called social inability. I find an unreliable source inconvenient at times but the writer has given it a special twist because you don’t know what is wrong with the main character or whether something is wrong at all until you come near to the ending you realise that everything you’ve read has been thought, said or written by someone who isn’t a reliable source and that is what makes this book fun to read until the end. You figure something is wrong here, you don’t even know what or whom it may concern but something is not feeling right and until the last page of the book you have to figure out yourself with the information the writer has given you. In my opinion the writer has made this fictional story also something about reality and the “real world” how we know it because the answers aren’t always given to us but we can always figure things out with the given information that we have.

This story takes place in 1991 and I know the exact year because the entire book is the diary of the main character. Like everyone who keeps a diary he wrote down the dates when he was writing. This story takes place in the United States. The setting is an important element of the book, this is because throughout the book the main character develops changes and the setting he is in himself has effect on the way he is changing. It is vague what keeps the main character going and what he exactly feels like even though he writes down every thought of his, almost in every detail. It’s exactly this that keeps you eager to continue reading because you want obviousness and you’re forced to find it yourself between the lines.

The theme of this book is mainly about how to live even though only bad has happened to you in your entire life. How to pressure yourself to forget all the nasty memories that were hunting you and even though when you succeeded you still are not able to be happy, it’s just an illusion. It is about people who judge really fast and that prejudiced people are toxic to us all. The book is about being a teenager and going through tough times and all by yourself because no one is there to catch you if, or better said, when you fall. The story is beautiful written and the moral is that there is always more to the story than we assume in the first place. The writer used some great quotes in the book and one of them that I won’t be able to forget is: “We accept the love we think we deserve.” Sometimes we don’t realise it but we accept the bad treatments people give us at times or the names we get called because we think they’re either true or there is a reason why someone has done this in the first place. However this book shows us that we should never even considerate the thought of us being a bad person or that the mean comments we receive are based on truth, therefore we also do not have the right to be prejudiced or do the same bad things to others that could hurt us as well. I enjoyed reading this book because the message is amazing and the way the writer has given it his own life in the story is so beautifully done and I truly respect him for that. This book gave us a peak into the mind of someone who is mentally ill and who we usually don’t feel connected to but this story shows us the way these people think and it gives us a chance to develop some kind of understanding about how the world of these people is like for them. While reading this book you feel somehow connected to the main character and you start feeling compassion because of the state he is in because you realise that he is, besides his mental illness, just a teenager who is dealing with bullies, friends and annoying family members like all teenagers. You can not tell something is wrong with him if you saw him because he functions normally but his social skills are not like most people. This book forces us to look further than someone’s looks or the way they act, we should get to know them. We should get to know the story of them, the story that makes them who they are and explains why they do what they do.

This book is based on fiction. Stephen Chbosky did not base this book on any form of personal experience. Like I already said, even though this is all fiction, so it is based on a story that is “made up”, the story feels so real. The book touches you because you become attached to the main character in a way that you wouldnt’ve expected in the beginning. I can not tell you enough how beautifully written the book is because it begins with a character that you do not feel connected to and he’s someone who has gone through quite some traumatic issues in his life and by the end you feel like you’re guilty because of the fact you do not hang out with that one guy who always sits alone during lunch. This book tells us not just the “cool” kids have an interesting life or have happiness to give you, it’s about finding that one person with the right story.

Personally I have never read another book of this writer before but I am eager to pick up some of his other work. I enjoyed reading this book so much that it wouldn’t hurt to try some of his other books. It isn’t just the story that appeals to me but also the way the writer has written the book and how he brought the story to life. His style of writing I find personally amazing and everyone should definitely go ahead and read some books of his if he always writes like this.

In the ending of the book everything gets cleared up, well at least it gets more obvious. The answers to everything are not literally written down but you can find them if you read carefully. The hidden message of this entire book can be found at the end of the book. I could go on and on about how great the book is composed but I think by now it’s obvious.

Like I said this book has really touched me and I enjoyed reading it very much. The way the theme, the message of the book was given to the reader is done so well. The way he wrote down the thoughts of a teenager is done so amazing because it is really accurate. The way he has written an entire story and within itself multiple little ones just fascinates me. A big thumbs up for mister Chbosky! I encourage everyone to read this book. This book can be read by teenagers because the characters are all teens and the story is about a life of a teenager but also adults can learn quite a lot by reading this story. I just want to finish saying that even though I’m a perfectionist myself, I couldnt’ve done it better.

Review written by Sabrine el Haichar V5F


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